Flat irons have become part of our personal styling routine and they are the perfect hair styling partner, who takes you through all the thick and thin and literally it does. A good flat iron will give you all the options of hair styling that you never thought were possible with the flat iron.

We have compiled the list of best hair straightening flat irons that will definitely help all kinds of readers out there. We have assembled all the specifications that must be considered as well as the most important pros and cons that you should know when buying a flat iron. This list is everything you need for buying the perfect hair straightener whether you have coarse, thick or thin hair. Your ultimate one stop destination for getting the best flat iron is this page, you will be thankful to our detailed reviews for all kinds of flat iron. We have considered every feature and tested each flat iron personally before writing any word of the reviews. So, rest assured you can totally trust the genuine opinions of our reviewers. These flat irons have been tested on different hair kinds as well so there can be absolutely no mistake in choosing the best flat iron.


You have to be very vigilant when buying a hair straightener and every factor must be considered because it should be a one time good investment for next 10-20 years of your life. A good flat iron will be very durable and we have only included the best ones in our best flat irons for 2019 list because we know the value of a good flat iron. We have become the experts of best flat irons over the years and this is what we put all our passion in, we do it honestly and ensure that our customers get their hands on the best flat irons available in the market.

The few best qualities of hair straighteners are instant heat up, heat control, digital temperature controls, best ever plates, smooth and shiny result after straightening, negative ions in plates for shine in hair, nice grip, easy handling, long lasting results, easy to use for curling, perfect shape and size and few more important things that you will find in detailed reviews provided below. We are happy to assist you more in future by reviewing the best flat irons in market and finding out if they are actually worth the money you will be spending. We will be your constant partner when you even think about upgrading your flat iron. In fact a lot of our readers are usually buying flat irons for the first time. So in the detailed reviews you will also find out if the flat iron is good for beginners or professionals. The professional flat irons are bit priced but they are the perfect upgrade because you don’t need to be going to salon every time you need a professional hair straightening, when you can do it at home with your flat iron.

When it comes to choosing a best hair straightener and the most suited one for your hair, it might be not an easy task. So we are here to help you out in selecting the flat iron which is completely according to your hair structure and nature. Nowadays it is very necessary to keep a flat iron because fashion changes a lot from past few years and a straight hair gives girl a sleek and elegant look.

Karmin G3 Flat Iron

It is one of my favorite flat irons and I mostly recommend Karmin G3 to my readers. If you have sensitive hairs or your hairs are somewhat damaged by low quality shampoos so I will personally recommend you this product because it also work at low temperature as well as it is quite safe to use and the chances of affecting your hair are very low. It is a better choice for fashionable or stylish ladies. This product has ceramic plates with good quality tourmaline gemstones.

Bionic Hair Straightener

Bionic hair straightener is our top pick in the list of top 10 best flat irons in 2018. BIO IONIC Inc is a company made by Fernando Romero. In Japan Fernando experimented natural ion therapy.  It’s top position holding has many factors and the most important and valuable factor is it’s one pass function. One pass function helps you to straighten your hair in a faster way and in approximately straighten your hair 10 minutes earlier than other top level flat irons. Like many


You would probably have tried many hair straighteners but this is unlike any other; we bet on that. Considering the day to day hair problems can be a mess sometime but HSI tourmaline has got all the answers to your hair straightening problems. This 2nd generation hair straighteners from HSI gives your hair professional look; so you don’t have to waste any more bucks in salons now.

Product Description:

  • It straightens, upturns, and curls your hair.
  • Hair temperature is adjustable from 240F to 410F (120c-200c) which suits all type of hairs.
  • State of the art ceramic tourmaline plates creates shinier, silkier finish in less time than any other.
  • Its narrow enough for bangs as its 1inch plate width, is wide enough for any type of hair solutions.
  • It nicely straightens your hair with a gorgeous shinier look with 100 percent ceramic tourmaline plates and facilitates infrared heating technology.
  • Its state of the art floating plates adjusts on its own according to your default hair positions.
  • Its uniquely amazing round design creates an impressive perfection for curling and flipping of your hair.
  • Free Glove & Travel size Argon oil pouch included.

You are fed up of all the other straighteners and want to get the product of your dreams; you have come to the right place. We will tell you more about the product in detail as to why it stands out in the crowd and why this is so far the best hair straightener in the world.

Coming to the point;

It’s an economical and high quality straightener for any type of user hair. HSI professional is the best one today. Its 1// plate gets a feature like curved edges that easily flips your hairs and curls them professionally. The 1 inch plate is best for most hair lengths while super long hair will need a much wider plate for that. Its round body shapes makes the curls look like natural, in addition the swivel cord makes it easy for styling. It comes with a small pouch of Argan hair which is best for the treatment of dry and damaged hair.

Its 100% state of the art ceramic plates infused by tourmaline moves well on your hair giving a professional salon look into eye of the beholder. Pure ceramic is very difficult to manufacture but by this the hairs don’t get cracked, chipped or peeled. Its infused tourmaline technology gives you the hair as it’s a crushed crystal that emits infrared heat which is safe and healthy for the hair. It heats up in no time giving you much comfort in styling your hair instantly.

Over all Review:

Since we had talked much about the qualities of this product in the article, HSI Professional is the best performing product today and provides salon like magic to your hair needs. It works gently on fine hair but very powerful against coarse or damaged hair type.

P.S. It is recommended of all type of hair solutions for best styling but in addition to Asian & African American hair it’s the best solution so far.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium

Babyliss is another well reputed company famous for making hair dryers and flat irons. In this product company used titanium plates instead of ceramic and their plates are free from non metallic cover. Good thing in this product is its 5 inch long plate so you can easily grab more hair in a single shot.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium is available in 1 and 1.5 inches. If you have a long hair then 1.5 inch straightener will be suitable for you. Otherwise if your hairs are short and you want better curl then go for 1 inch product. You would not have to wait for many minutes for heating as it will heat up very quickly and upto 450 degree, so use it with caution if you have sensitive hairs and read the precautions carefully. In this product there is also no auto turn off option so should have to be conscious while using it.

Paul Mitchell Flat Iron

According to our sources Paul Mitchell express ion smooth+ flat iron 1.25 is the hottest and top selling brand of the company. The product is available in slim design so the user could use it easily without burning their scalp. The company claims that this hair straightener gives extra shine to your hair without damaging hairs. The company used ceramic beveled plates as well as express ion complex technology paired with 1.25 so it will take much lesser time to straighten your hairs. Paul Mitchell protocols express ion smooth 1.25 flat iron temperature can be increased upto 410F with additional digital temperature control unit as well as dual voltage. The product is with 1.25 ceramic plates so it will mostly help medium size hair. The company claims that consumers who used the product never experience burning smell as some hair straighteners generated burning smells when they heated up to specific point. If you have colored hair then this product would suit your hairs as it will not affect color as some of the flat irons. This product has no automated shut off system, so be conscious when using it. The weakness which I noted is it has not very durable compare to products in which ceramic plates has been used.

T3 Flat Iron

T3 is another good quality flat iron as its plates are made from ceramic and tourmaline and plates are 1.5 inch in size. Due to tourmaline and ceramic technology its gives smooth straightening surface to the user. It is a good option for curly as well as coarse hairs. Company also provides some useful accessories with the product; heat mat is one of those accessories which will keep your furniture safe when you take break between using it.

Infiniti Pro Conair Flat Iron

Conair is the company famous for dealing in hair dryers and flat irons. The point which attracts customers is its good quality products in affordable rates. You can make any style with ease. You can get these products from departmental store across the country. According to our info this product is best for beginners. It transforms heat equally to all passes and the product will be heated in a minute. The product is also a safe one but one should use it after reading precaution. The good thing which I love is the company provides this flat iron in many sizes. It is available in 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 Inch so you can choose the size which suits your hairs. Auto shut-off feature is added which many high quality flatirons lack. The negative points which I noted are many like you can’t adjust heat according to your desire so if you have fine hairs then it is not a good option. The lifespan of Infiniti Pro Conair flat iron is not that long which good quality hair straighteners have. We also got info about hair caught by plates from many users. So in end I want to share my personal advice with my readers, I think this product is not a good option if you have thin or fine hairs. But it is a best option if you have African American hair as well as curly hairs and the one who has low budget.
GHD Hair Straightener

GHD recently launches a new stylinh hair straightener. According to company this product straightens and curls your hair with only one stroke. After completing research I analyze that this product is safest of all as company used trizone technology in this hair straightener. GHD platinum flat iron uses heat equally which lessen the chance of breakage by 50%.
Company used six intelligent sensors and I think three in each plate or the chance of rise in temperature is minimized. The company claims that this styling tool will improve hair shine upto 20%. Near the plates a unique wishbone hinge has been placed which helps the user to have more control while using the tool, as well as make you capable of making any style, curls and waves.